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MVS/EVS 4D Interactive Animations (Draft) Tritium Monitoring data

Tritium above 100 pC/l Tritium above 1,000 pC/l        Tritium above 10,000 pC/l


Animation snapshots above display the shape of the plume as the concentration increases at a given time step. Click here to view animation.


CFEST is working with C Tech for automated generation of 4D animation of all Chemicals of Concern with overlays of facility and map.


These displays can provide project team members, regulators, and the concerned public an efficient understanding of environment data status and its spatial interpretation.

Each of these displays will include geology, well screen, and historical variations.

MVS/EVS 4D animations provide interactive view, zoom, pan, and rotate option.

4D Animation (Needs one time installation of 4DIM viewer)