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  Purpose and Scope

EnviroDataAccess, initially developed under a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I, and is continually being improved in the field on large sites such as DOE Hanford, WA. U.S. DOE has identified following the requirement for real time data access.

Contaminants present at Department of Energy (DOE), DOD, and industrial sites:

  • Include hazardous organic compounds, metals, and radio nuclides covering a wide spectrum of individual substances, matrices, and complex mixtures.
  • Hazards data is stored in large centralized electronic databases.

Real Time Access provides easy means to site personals, regulators, stake holders, and concerned public to browse through contaminant information through internet. Real Time Access provides:

  • Chemical summary tables,
  • Display of all chemicals monitored at a well,
  • Historical variation of given chemical concentration a given monitoring station, and
  • Other relevant information.

Real Time Access includes  hyperlinks to federal agency web sites on waste related:

  • regulation and properties
  • medical procedures for emergency responders for inadvertent accidental exposure.


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